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Corporate Synergy


NGP Homes and Moonwork, working in synergy, provide a combination of innovation, creativity, superb planning, meticulour marketing plans and professional real estate development to bring a project from its infancy into a fully completed and highly successful real estate project.

Both our companies have 15 years of experience in the industry and are backed by a strong team of professionals to provide brilliant designs and property development consultancy services for any real estate project.

Together, we provide core business specialties that includes:

Core Services

  • Land investment and feasibility study
  • Conceptualization and theme development
  • Project coordination and project advisory services
  • Project marketing and administrative management

Additional Services

  • Architectural illustration and graphic presentation for marketing
  • Exterior and interior design
  • Project Exhibition and events coordination
  • Financial and mortgage advisory services
  • Property investors club
  • Real estate resale and rental
  • Property development consultancy services
  • Property development partnership services
  • Land development partnership service

“When you trust us with a project, we apply our combined efficacy, skills and expertise to plan, conceptualise, materialise, market and complete it to your satisfaction.”

NGP Homes & Moonwork

We will work to turn an invested land into a strategically planned project from the beginning right till the end that includes research into the kinds of development suitable for the land up to the tying up the administrative loose ends after project completion.

Due to our track record of delivering quality projects, we have a strong following of property investors so any project that we manage is sure to be offered first hand to seasoned investors and investors clubs. This ensures that each project we manage are easily snapped up by buyers.

This is our main promise to our clients – profitable possibilities for their projects, whether commercial or residential, from start till completion.