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Northern Guide Properties Sdn Bhd, widely known and recognised as NGP Homes, consist of a team of trained professionals with 15 years of experience and an impressive portfolio of property development projects under its belt.
NGP Homes has established a strong foothold in providing property development consultancy services to bring any real estate or land development project from a vacant lot into a completed, successfully marketed property development project.
The company believes in incorporating values such as integrity, teamwork, efficiency, innovation and excellence in its team to meet every customer’s future and present needs. It does not compromise on quality and is fully committed to the best practices to create value for its customers through delivery of high quality products and top-notch services.

Our Services

Land Investment



Is this piece of land suitable for development? Which piece of land can I invest in for future developments? What should I do with my land? When you come to NGP Homes, all your questions on land investment will be answered as we guide you through the steps from deciding where to purchase a piece of land to what to do with your land to the types of developments suitable for the land.
Our professional team has the complete know-how, along with on-the-ground experience, to provide you with all the information and guidance you need to make the right choice about land investment.
We also provide the full spectrum of development and construction services to turn the piece of land into a successful project.

Research & Analysis



The success of any project depends heavily on its feasibility and we back all of our development consultancy services with in-depth research and studies.
When tasked with a development project, we will go conduct relevant analysis on the land and the planned project to produce reliable statistics as a path for the project to follow. This is an imperative step to ensure that the planned development project suits the current market needs of the area for its future success.
It is only with a proper strategy in place that a real estate development project can be mapped out to suit market needs.

Marketing Strategy



Every property development project needs a strategy to put it on the map so that it reaches the target audience.
At NGP Homes, we don’t only provide marketing services for your development project but we also formulate the complete strategy of packaging your whole project into a desirable concept that suits market needs while drawing attention from target audiences.
We will incorporate our strong background in feasibility studies to create an effective marketing campaign that focuses on drawing in the targeted audience.

Property Sales

星辉集团拥有一班受过专业培训的房产销售顾问负责销售顾客所发展的房产项目。经星辉集团管理的项目,都会透过星辉集团‘投资团队所管理’及 我们专业行政管理负责。这可确保我们所负责的每个项目都能够达到顾客的需求。

Need assistance to sell the units in your project?
NGP Homes has a competent team of sales personnel who are well trained in property sales to give your development project the push it needed. You do not have to worry about unsold units as we have a strong following of property investors so any project we manage will be offered to seasoned investors and investors club. This makes sure that each project we handle are easily snapped up by buyers in no time.

Mortgage & Finance


We will smoothen the whole process of seeking out financial institutions and mortgage packages for your project for the convenience of our customers. We will provide advisory services on the available financing schemes and mortgage plans for any development project.

Administrative Services







Every development project requires efficient after-sales administrative work to tie up the loose ends after all units have been sold.
We have a skillful team to smoothen the whole administrative process that includes:

  • Signing of the Sales & Purchase Agreement
  • Release of the progressive payments
  • Application for Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC)
  • Handing over of key to purchasers

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No development project is beyond our scope as we endeavour to provide only the best we can in property development consultancy services to encompass every process of the project from the beginning till the end.

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